by Andrea Sperling

I went to the Fancy Food Show today at the Jacob Javits Center.  Chocolate and shoes are two things that women like to indulge themselves with now and again, so well I guess someone had to come up with a chocolate shoe, right?

Chocolate shoe.jpg

There also were some healthier foods like peaches, plucrots and black apricots from California. They were all delicious but I had a big fight with the sales rep about conventional vs. organic produce. (He thought organic was just an advertising ploy).


I liked the idea of these tea popsicles, and I think I'll experiment and make my own frozen hibiscus pops in the next few days.


And I'm always happy to try new beautifully packaged teas.


I was inspired by combos I never thought of before like watermelon sprinkled with chilipowder and lime from Mexico. (Try it, it's good. Also a good popcorn combination.)


There were healthy foods with hemp seeds and chia but with funny names.


I was glad to see more artisinal gluten-free pasta.


I was also happy to see some of my favorite health food products like shoyu and umeboshi vinegar that have been used in macrobiotic cooking for years and years being sold.


But I think these gluten-free falafal chips were what I'm most looking forward to eating over and over again. I can see crumbling them up and using them like panko on fish or tofu. The packaging promised that it had more antioxidant value than what's found in green tea or vegetable juice. Well, I wouldn't substitute processed chips for vegetable juice, but I could see myself eating a lot of these with some hummus and being very happy.

falafal chips.jpg