Eating Gracefully is about getting back to the kitchen. It's about cooking mindfully to make yourself healthier. It's about adding more nutrient-rich green, leafy vegetables into your diet and using your spice rack, because besides adding wonderful textured flavor to your foods, herbs and spices are full of antioxidants and other good things for your body.

Eating Gracefully is about embracing the seasons when you cook. Rhubarb in the spring. Fresh, juicy tomatoes in the summer. Squash in the fall. Root vegetables in the winter. It's about using the best quality ingredients you can afford to make healthy meals for yourself and your family. It's about taking the time to cook, using a grain or a bean you never tried before, fermenting vegetables, or making a tisane to pack in your lunchbox. It's about taking what you made the night before and turning into something completely different for lunch.

It's about listening to your body because our standard American diet of highly processed foods is making us ill.  How many of you know someone who can't eat gluten anymore? Or have given up sugar and dairy because it was making them sick? 

Eating Gracefully is here to help you make simple changes in the way you cook and eat. Whether you want to help your family eat healthier, whether you feel you're not aging gracefully, or whether you want to experiment with grains that are gluten-free, Eating Gracefully can help you use food as a tool to prevent illness and promote healing.  It's as simple as spending a little more time in your kitchen.